Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pink & Farm Doings

Our hay is mowed - YIPPPEEE!!!

And the top is done for Jessie's pink log cabin wallhanging... I'm thinking of putting a solid border on it (it measures about 28" square right now) and then doing a pieced backing similar to this quilt top.

And my machine broke in the middle of sewing this, but it is still working until I can get it to a dealer to have them fix it. The reverse/back up button popped loose and fell down inside the machine. I managed to figure out how to take the cover off and pull the button out, as it was blocking the machine from sewing up and down. I can't reverse for now (unless I hit the continuous reverse buttong) but it's working...

And my water lillies are looking good this year (finally) even if there are no blooms yet.

All in all, life is good,



jacquie said...

The wall hanging for Jessie is really pretty. Sorry about the sewing machine mishap. Hope it's not a big deal to fix.

Anonymous said...

Your wall hanging is adorable!

Before I was a quilter I used to wonder why anyone would make a quilt that small. I didn't understand that there were other uses for quilts other than as a blanket. Now that I quilt I think small wall hangings and doll quilts are irresistible.

Gina said...

What a pretty quilt. I love Log Cabin.
My Water Lillies have just started to bloom. I'll post a picture sometime of them.

love and hugs xxx

Kristie said...

Such a lovely little quilt! Hope you get your machine fixed. Living on a farm in KY, I know all about your hard work. My hubby works long hours too so alot of the farm work falls back on me. We don't have cattle, we only have 6 horses, pigs, and chickens. So what is hay going for this year up in Ohio?

Philigry said...

the wuilt hanging is going to be so beautiful! I love it.

Lib said...

I know you're happy to mowing is behind ya'll:o)
Love Jessie's wall hang also the pic.of lillies.
Hope you have a wonderful day!