Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garden Update

After a couple weeks, and a bit of rain, this is what my garden is looking like now:

Rather pitiful, so far….but I have high hopes for it. All the cooler weather we had right after planting probably didn't help much. The individual plants looks pretty good though. Ignore the weeds - I took these pictures before weeding the garden.

The good news is, everything (except for the zucchini plants I brought which were in horrible shape when I brought them) have lived. I went today to find eggplant and cherry tomato plants and to plant some zucchini plants and spaghetti squash from seeds.

I did get out there and hoe around all the plants - with all the rain the weeds are taking off - last night. When Todd gets home from work today, he's going to rototill between the rows as well.

And this is our sweet corn:

Only 3 rows of sweet corn came up (Todd planted 4 rows) but I am intending to keep an eye on it to try to keep the raccoons out of it. Unfortunately, it is so far from the house, I don't think I can put electric fence around it to keep various animals out, but I'm wondering and thinking that maybe I can run a couple low wires off the horse pasture (the edge of the cornfield is about 15 feet from the fence). Of course, then I will have to remember to disconnect the wires when I mow over there -and that could be a problem.

And, my wonderful rosebush. Todd brought this for me for Mother's Day when Jessie was 1 (2000). This poor thing has survived so much...4 moves while we were putting an addition on our house, bugs and pests, extreme cold and extreme droughts. For a few years I thought I was going to loose it, but this year I think it has finally adjusted. I love the blooms - and I love to leave the window open right above it, and you can smell it through the entire house. One mild winter (before all the moves) it was still blooming in December on Jessie's birthday.

Have a good weekend everyone!!



Lib said...

Hi,Enjoyed your blog.Don't you just Love gardening?;o)
Have a great wk.end.

Dawn said...

Is it true that when you rototill the veggie garden that you are providing fertile ground for those nasty, nasty thistles to just keep geminating???? seems when we rototill we have such a bumper crop of thistles and someone told us NOT to rototill the garden because you are just allowing the thistles to regrow.