Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Life

Okay – things have settled down here, and this is what I had gotten done over the weekend:

On the farming side: our first cutting of hay is made, baled and unloaded throughout various barns around us. We didn’t keep any of the small squares (we got about 900 of them total) for our use – we traded with some good friends – they got first cutting, we’ll take some of their second cutting and we sold 300 of them). I spent several hours Sunday hauling mulch to my flowerbeds and mowing the yard – with Jessie’s help driving the 4 wheeler and yard cart. Todd spent about an hour on Sunday weed eating – amazing how much nicer fence rows look when you hack the weeds away, and then spent 3 hours on Sunday moving roundbales out of the field – or actually, putting them into piles that we then transport by trailer back to our place to stack up. Normally they go in the barn, but we are getting asphalt grindings from a nearby resurfacing job to put in that barn to cut down on the water.

In quilty news, my chicken table topper is done. Jessie’s pink log cabin quilt is ready to be basted. I washed the front and backing for my fruit and veggie picnic quilt, but then had to go through and re-sew some of the seams that came apart in the wash. But I am so glad I washed it – the water was RED in the washing machine. I also did blocks 7 and 8 for the Quilt A Long.

Jessie had her first physical therapy appt. yesterday – she is still walking with a very noticeable limp and cannot run (heck, a turtle walks faster than her right now). The orthopaedic doctors said give her time, but she has 2 girl scout camps coming up and I’d like her to be able to move and enjoy them. The physical therapist said she needs therapy – so we are going 2 times a week for 3 weeks and will re-evaluate then. She has absolutely no muscle tone in that leg, from her hip down. Who would have thought that ice skating would cause such problems??? The therapist gave her 4 different exercises to do, which she is pretty excited to be doing – I think she’s excited and hoping she’ll be walking normal sometime soon.

My garden is coming along. I’ve been keeping up on the weeds, with the help of the rototiller. We had to run it between some of the rows, with the combination of rain and previously high temps – the grass was out of control. I do need to re-plant my green beans – either they didn’t grow or the bunnies ate them.

Does anyone know how soon you can harvest herbs? Mine are all looking fantastic – I would like to dry them for future use. Is this something I should be doing now? Or throughout the summer?

Thanks much,


countrychicken said...

I like the chicken quilt. Would look good in my house!!

Gina said...

I'm pretty sure you can harvest herbs when you need to. That's what I do anyway.

Love and hugs xxx

SewAmy said...

you are the busyest woman I know. You are so good. I haven't touch my quilt along blocks.

Lib said...

Love the quilts.
Hope Jessie is better soon.
You should be able to harvest your herbs, the more you cut them the more they grow.
Hope you have a great day!

jacquie said...

Sounds like Jessie has quite a road ahead, but a good attitude about it! Nice job on your quilt-a-long blocks!

Philigry said...

beautiful blocks!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the chicken quilt!!

I hope the PT helps your daughter. The girl scout camp out sounds great.

I used to harvest my herbs all summer long. More often than not, I used mine fresh and usually only dried what was left over at the end of the summer. The exception to that is oregano; I dried it throughout the summer. I really miss my garden....

Your quilt blocks look great, too. I only just finished block 5. I'm trying to get caught up!

Eve said...

I may be doing it all wrong, but I harvest my herbs at all different sizes,,,I put them in separate bowls and toss them around every day. I keep them in a warm place int he kitchen. When they are dry, I crumble them up and store them in snack size zip lock bags. Works for me.
I love your quilts. I have done lap quitting before but not on a large frame, My MIL did though.
My garden is getting out of hand and with the temp at 104 degrees yesterday...I am not to attentive to the harvest. But a square foot garden is so easy to keep up..I feel guilty.