Friday, May 16, 2008

Finish It Up Day

This is my last weekday off before returning to work - so I thought I had better get some stuff done around here.

This quilt I started (and I am embarassed to admit this) 10+ years ago. It's a journal quilt from KT Quilts - and I can I say I absolutely positively love this quilt. I figured out how to sew bindings on by machine, and at 9:00 this morning I sewed the binding on this one to the back side, flipped it over, and sewed it on the front, and was done with the binding by 10:30.

Into the washer and dryer it went. It still has wool/fabric appliques that need to be sewn on, but I am considering it done. It measures 70x 81 - I wish it were big enough for our bed (king size).

I got the binding sewn on my flag table runner (and I sewed the binding on by machine before figuring out how to put the entire binding on by machine) so I had to handsew the binding to the back by hand. I made a pieced binding, and love it. Now if it was the right size I would be really happy (it's too big for the dresser I had intended it for - oh well, I'll find somewhere for it)

And I got my house cleaned. A major feat, considering Tyler wanted his Geo Trax train pulled out of the basement and set up. These trains are huge, but he has been occupied All. Morning. Long. So I am thankful. This is about half of his train, maybe a little less. The kid is a train fanatic.

Now I'm wondering if I can turn this fabric:

Into this top (the one with the very short capped sleves):

Although I am also wondering why bother - it's been so stinkin' cold here recently. I really hate sewing clothes - I am so afraid I'm going to end up with something too big or too small. So I will measure and think, think and measure and hopefully get it right.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Between going to order our chicks, 4-h, and swapping children with some friends of ours (their son is coming to our house to spend the night with Tyler, and Jessie is going to their house to spend the night), we'll have a busy, busy day tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a good Friday evening,


Granny Lyn said...

Wow, good busy blog you have today! the quilt is awesome!!! I love it! and I"m proud of your for getting it done after all these years! Major Feat!

I think I have the only dresser that will fit that flag, just in case you don't have a place for it ;-) I fore-see a train quilt in your future?
Have a great (busy) weekend!

Anonymous said...

That top is cute. I am scared to try making clothing. I can remember how hard to please I was when my mom was sewing for me, and she is much better at it than I am.

jacquie said...

Two finishes in one day. Yippee! I love the pieced binding on the flag too! Such a good idea. Hope the weather warms up for you soon. 80 degrees here today.

Dawn said...

Okay, so do tell (especially for us beginner quilters..ahem) how do you machine-sew a binding on?

And the quilts you are doing are so beautiful!

SewAmy said...

omg, I have that same pattern for the cute top. I haven't started mine yet, but i did buy the fabric. It will probably be Winter by the time I get it done.