Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poor Jessie....

We have been so blessed to have wonderful teachers at our elementary school. This year was no exception. Last year the room moms and I made quilts for the 1st grade teachers.

This year, for Mrs. Ferrell, we decided to do this:

I'm going Saturday to get
some flowers to put in it.

I was showing it to Todd (I picked it up today so I could get the flowers into it this weekend) and as we are looking at it on the table, Jessie's sitting there with tears running down her face. When we asked what was wrong, she says Mrs. Ferrell must not like me - my handprint isn't on the flower pot. Turns out, the day the class painted this in Art class was the day Jessie got her full leg cast off so she missed Art, and the other mom picked it up first thing the next morning. So tomorrow night, I'm going to add Jessie's handprint to the flowerpot. As I told Janet (the other mom who helped me with this as I am the only room mom this year) at least it was my kid we forgot - it'll be pretty easy to add her handprint:)

The bags are done for Tyler's teachers (with a few hours to spare, I finished up about 7 p.m. tonight). Tomorrow morning I'm stopping at Dollar General before his class picnic to get candles, pens and notepads to put in them. Not very crafty fillings but hey, I'm trying (originally I was going to get notepads and cover them like Christina did, but I'm running behind here). I still have to make a bag for Mrs. Ferrell from Jessie - maybe I'll cover a notebook for her. Which reminds me, I need to take some tissue paper to stick in there too.

Now I'm off to FINALLY clean my house......

See you later,


Philigry said...

such sweet, sweet gifts! they will be loved I am sure.

Christina said...

It really takes commitment to make handmade gifts like this - I think a lot of people intend something but few follow through. I'm so happy for these teachers that they know how much they are loved! Hooray for you Kris!!

jacquie said...

Such a thoughtful gift! I was a little nervous when I read the title of the post..thank goodness it's only a missing handprint!

Granny Lyn said...

Great idea with the flower pot! I'll have to tuck that in the back of my head for a later project, maybe Father's Day?
and the bags are perfect!

"Poor Jessie" made me think of something totally different,,,EEK

Anonymous said...

The pots are adorable!

Dawn said...

Oh, my...Jessie's tears tugged at my heart. Don't you just love the simple concerns of children?

Your gifts are adorable--I'm sure the teachers will love what you have done.