Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I forgot to mention

With all the hecticness (is that a word?) going on in the last week here on the farm - we had our final calf of the season last Thursday - another bull calf.

This mama is such a good mama - she had it on her own (as all her calves have been) sometime Thursday morning. When we got home from work it was up running around. One year she had twins, and cared for them all summer together with no troubles (although she has been known to frequently nurse other cows calves with no complaint). And we are able to get semi close to the calf, and have been able to since last Thursday.

So the final tally is boys - 6 and girls - 2. A little depressing for Todd, who wants heifers so we can start getting rid of some of our older cows (this mama is 10 years old this spring, and her udder and teats get so huge that most babies have trouble nursing for the first 24 hours unless they are very aggressive). But it was not to be this year. We were blessed with lots of little boys (much to Tyler's delight).

Me, I'm kind of glad we have 6 steers to choose from for 4-H projects next year (wouldn't that be a bummer to have to go and buy a steer calf to show at the fair??)

Now onto thinking of next year' calves......

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