Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Junk Store & One Wild Quilt Top

I had to drive about an hour south of us for a second interview for a job 3 miles from our house (I had to go to the "corporate office"). On the way home, I saw a sign at an intersection - "Junk Store - 2 miles" with an arrow.

Any junk store is reason to investigate, and I am so glad I did.

My parents have an old croquet set - and Tyler will spend hours with it.

Croquet set - $14.00

Garden sign - $3.00

Old Quilt top to make into a picnic quilt - $8.00

Watching your son inhale his lunch so he can play croquet - priceless.

I think I hit pay dirt down there - the quilt top I am going to back with one of my thrifted sheets and keep it in my Durango to haul out whenever we need to sit on the ground. It's handsewn, but seems to be in pretty decent shape. I'm going to machine quilt it and hopefully it will give us many wonderful years yet. Then I won't feel so bad about grass stains on a really good quilt or blanket (and the fuzzy blankets are to warm to sit on in July).


jacquie said...

Now that's my kind of shopping! I love to play croquet!

Philigry said...

oh, i love that quilt top! what a bargain!

Tristin said...

Great purchases! Good luck with the job--With gas prices the way they are having a job only 3 miles away is a dream come true! (My "commute" is only 2 miles-what a blessing! Initially, it was a large factor of why I took the job!)

Dawn said...

You have some terrific finds! Love that garden sign and the quilt is so desirable, but your son is just too cute!

Granny Lyn said...

That was one great junk shop!! Next time, stop and pick me up, K?
I love the quilt top, how scrappy can you get!