Sunday, May 25, 2008


Greenhouses are my weakness (well...that and fabric shops really).

Yesterday was preparation day. I went to 2 greenhouses (one greenhouse I made 2 trips to). The first one to get my veggies (and came home with all this):

The second one to get more flowers for my pots, more veggies and came home with all this:

To turn the flowers into this:

Which took all. day. long (there are about twice this many pots and hanging baskets I have going all summer).

Then the lawnmower dies, and Todd finally makes it home about 9:00 to do this to our garden:

All so I can plant it today.

And we have a pygmy goat here just overnight. A friend of mine was wanting to get rid of her (she beats up on their other 3 goats) so my FIL is taking her. Meet Chloe:

Cute yes, ...but I really don't need a goat.
Off to the garden,


jacquie said...

I'll bet you are tired! You definitely don't need a goat with all those beautiful plants around to munch on!

Anonymous said...

Your always so productive! I look forward to learning how to grow a garden this year.

Philigry said...

sounds like you had fun flower shopping! i love your sweet goat.