Monday, May 5, 2008

A Pretty Nice Star - And a BUSY Weekend

Here is my 2nd block for AmandaJean's Quilt A Long:

I'm really happy with my color choices (so far). Of course, now I have to anxiously await next weeks block - hehe.

Tyler's soccer game got rained out on Saturday (after 15 minutes of play) so I came home and finished quilting this quilt:

A few of my favorite blocks

Now I just have to get the binding sewn on, and send it off to my Mom for her to handsew it down. It's not done yet, as the pattern calls for a bunch of wool appliques to be sewn on (a bird, some flowers, a basket of eggs, pine trees). But, I am simply thrilled that after 10 years, the first top is completed, quilted and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (I still have to finish one for my Mom - it's getting there, slowly but surely - and it won't take 10 more years to finish!!)

Tyler's game was rescheduled to yesterday afternoon, so we went there - what a gorgeous afternoon - and Tyler scored his first goal of the year. He was so excited. But he was such a tired little boy. Then it was off to Todd's parents for dinner and to celebrate his father's birthday.

This week I want to get my flowerbeds mulched and transplant/move some more flowers around - hopefully the weather will cooperate:)

Oh - And I joined the One Local Summer challenge as well. The idea is to eat one meal each week totally local - with a few exclusions like spices, salt and pepper, and then to post on it on your blogs. I am excited to be doing this - wonder what I'll be able to come up with. I'm thinking butter and milk are going to be the hardest (although Smith's Dairy is a Wayne County dairy, so I wonder if that will classify as local milk as the plant is within 50 miles of us?).

Have a sunny day!!


Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy OLS. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

jacquie said...

The blocks are looking really nice. I like the background and for a found fabric it sets of the stars really well! I still haven't started. Have yet to get out and get the background fabric. I hope I can get caught up this week. Enjoy your time outside!

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

These look great! I wish I could quilt. I'm obsessed with them!

I love the eating local idea. I think that being 'local' is considered within 150 mile radius.....I think. Or at least in Texas (it's a big state:).

Have a blessed week!

Philigry said...

oh that looks good. i wish i was good at quilting...maybe someday!

Dawn said...

I do love the colors you have picked for the quilt-a-long. Your block looks fantastic! And it's soooo nice to hear that others take years (not days) to complete a quilt.....*grin*

Granny Lyn said...

that quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! the colors are so rich and warm, You got that done so quick, snuck it under my radar, tee hee