Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The View from Our House

A few weeks ago Kellie at Sugar Creek Farm was tagged for a post on your views outside your front and back doors - and she tagged anyone who wanted to join in. It looked like fun. So here goes.

To give you an idea, we live on the corner property in the country - a chip and seal road to be exact. Our 19.56 acre property starts at the road, just 60 foot wide. Once you wind your way up our driveway about 200 feet, and after a couple turns, our property opens up into one big square. When we moved in during the summer of 1998, I am not kidding, there was our house (a 1400 square foot modular home 3 bedrooms 2 bath and no basement - just a crawl space) and a little white shed 16 ft. square. There was no yard, no trees except the woods behind us, no deck, no flowerbeds, no driveway (seriously - they just had a base of great big rocks and that was it) no nothing.

These are all the view from our back door (which is the main entrance, as our front door is on the west side of the house facing the woods - basically the house is on our lot backwards):

Looking North - the edge of the green (before what looks like a treeline)

is the edge of our property

Looking East - the itty bitty dark green spots (pine trees) are the edge of the property

Looking West - used to be all woods just beyond the propane tank

Looking out our front door:

Looking West - basically you look at the dog pens and the wood shed

Looking North - yes there are tire marks in the grass -

this is how I get Jessie in and out of the house with her cast -

there are only 2 steps to carry her up rather than 8-10 deck steps.

Looking South - the woods and our closest neighbor - the second fence line if you can see it is our property line

In 2003 we put a 24x24 foot addition on the house - with a family room and computer/sewing room and full basement underneath it. The basement has a walk out door onto a patio that Todd and Company built, planned and created (and which I absolutely love).

I had to get a shot of the patio and my awesome sandstone walls

Looking East

Looking North

Looking South - East

This is a view from the Northeast corner of our property - what you see as you drive up our incredibly long driveway not including the horse barn - it is approximately .35 of a mile long - we measured it when I was pregnant with Jessie - I could walk up and down it 5 times and walk 3 1/2 miles- which I did religiously 6 days a week for 8 months of being pregnant - I was not as dedicated with Tyler - but did manage to get in 3 or 4 walks a week. If I was really motivated, I would walk up and down the driveway twice, and then walk down our road to a corner a mile away and walk back). The funniest times were when I'd be huffing and puffing my way up and down the road - and Todd would just up and pass me up on his way home from work - he would be kind enough to stop and ask the pregnant chick if she wanted a ride (to which I always replied no - it defeated the purpose of walking). But I only gained 24 lbs. with Jessie and 19 with Tyler - and believe me, it would not be hard for me to eat my way to 200 lbs.

And of course, a view of the cows out on the nice green grass!

Anybody else want to share some pictures?


Tristin said...

It's wonderful! You guys have put a lot of work into your home/farm. I am impressed!

Granny Lyn said...

oh, Kris, the pride in your home shines through every word!!! and, wow, do you have a lot to be proud of, building a farm out of the dirt!

love every inch of it!