Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Nice Thing About a New to me Computer Hutch

Is that I can find all my crap when I need it (untill I forget where I put it!!)!!!

My SIL is going through a rough patch right now and is really short on cash (aren't we all?) but I've been drooling over this hutch/desk for months now, and when she offered it to me so dang cheap, I just couldn't refuse.

And never fear - Jessie has my old one in her room. Honestly, the things they want these kids to do in school (in 3rd grade) requires her to be on the internet 2-3 nights a week for a 1/2 hour. So she's got our old computer in her room, with internet connection, to hopefully help her study better.

So I set her up with what websites she can get on (I have everything else blocked so she can't stumble somewhere she shouldn't) and that way, if she wants to get on a different website, I have to go in there and change the settings. That's the wonderful thing about Verizon DSL - GREAT parental controls....And she has her math games on this computer - the deal being she has to do 15-20 minutes of Math 5 times a week.

I did get some sewing in last night - but this is the only picture I took:

Block #14 of the Nearly Insane Quilt - it's a 6" block that is all paper pieced. Kristie encouraged me to start this, and it was fun doing the first block. Of course, I made myself finish up 1 top before starting this block - that will be my motivation to get everything done!

And this morning at 6:00 we were outside moving round bales. The bales that Todd baled last week heated up and were smelling pretty bad. So Todd got up early and moved them outside so we didn't burn the barn down:

See ya,



isolada. by design said...

Very nice computer hutch. Love all the cubbyholes, big and small! And I look forward to what you've been sewing. Yum!

audreypawdrey said...

Congratulations on the new hutch! I didn't know that you could block sites so effectively; that is awesome for keeping kids safe!

Niki said...

Glad you noticed the hay situation in time. What wonderful parental controls on your daughter's computer and smart mama for using them :)

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Like your new computer hutch!
Like your sewing .Love the colors.
HAve great day!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I'm just starting to blog and love seeing all of these country moms like me. Thanks for sharing. Loved the colors of your sewing!

Anonymous said...

Good corn crib...looking a little thin though!

Kristie said...

Very nice computer hutch!!! I'm soooooo glad that you decided to start the Nearly Insane quilt!! I think if we just do a block or two at a time, it will not be so hard. Love the colors that you used.