Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's been busy here - we've been enjoying some very nice (but very cold) weather here.

The garden is cleaned up for the winter and I'm working on my flowerbeds and finishing up the apples that I have. I still have to winterize the pond - but I'm trying to figure out a way to do it without wading in there - I'm sure that water is COLD!

Todd's getting ready to start picking corn - with only 2 acres, it shouldn't take long at all - with any luck.

And I've been working on little projects like these:

Still have to put the stem on the pumpkin and the hanger on the ornament.

I did finish quilting the last of my bloggy birthday gifts (on my new quilting frame wich worked wonderfully - again). And I have 3 tops all ready to be basted and quilted, but I think they are too big for the frame.

And Tyler wants his room painted, so I think that is what will be happening at our house this weekend.

Originally he wanted it painted blue, grey, red, black orange and green, but we've convinced him to do 1 wall blue, 1 wall red and the remaining 2 walls either light grey or a light beige color. Where he came up with his color combo, I'll never figure out (other than he said something about the blue and grey for the Huskies, the red and black for firefighter, the green for Smithies - a neighboring school - and the orange cause he likes it). And of course, we had to pick colors that would match his quilt (and I'm not painting a room black)!


Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkin! Too cute. I'm not really into decorating (I can hear the gasps!) but for some reason I LOVE all the fall stuff. Pumpkins, leave, scare crows....*sigh*

Dawn said...

Your autumn projects are so beautiful---I just love those colors!

And the colors your son picked out for his room are sooooo fun!

jacquie said...

i love the colors for his room! (i painted a room black for my son...i know, nutty. it was cool though...better than i thought. However, painting over it was not. One quick question. have you had trouble leaving a comment on Sara's blog...i can't get the comment box to come up.
Nice job on your fall projects! Good luck with the pond.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've been reading some of your latest posts and you are so talented with your quilting!
Have a great day!

Granny Lyn said...

I just love your little "projects"
that ornament is so cute!!

And those bright colors for Tyler's room are sure going to go with his fireman quilt!!! it will look great!!!

Kathy said...

The pumpkin is so cute! and I love that little ornament.

Gina said...

I've given up trying to work out where Gemma's ideas come from. I think I'm too afraid to ask now.
I need to clean our pond up for winter aswell. I've decided that Mal can do it. I know cruel but satisfying

Love and hugs Gina xxx