Sunday, October 19, 2008


This could possibly, hopefully not, be one of the last really nice weekends we may have - chilly (it's only 56 right now), but we got so much done - I'm glad.

We have a shed - when we moved here 10 years ago, there was this little shed and the house and that was it. So we use it to store things, since for about 5 or 6 years, we didn't have a basement. Well - junk gets thrown in there to the point you can't walk in there - so after we got home from work (yes I had to work a Saturday - hopefully this won't happen too often!) we cleaned it out. I still have to organize the shelves least we can put the patio furniture in there for winter and get in the door!

Then Sunday I put together my new quilt frame:

Notice the mini DVD player in the background? It came with an instructional DVD showing exactly how to set it up, so of course, it was easier to watch and follow along!

And quilted this table runner on it:

I think I'm going to like this quilt frame. I love the quilting process, but not the pin basting process. This works like a long arm quilt frame, but on your regular sewing machine. The rods that are with it will let me quilt up to a 44" quilt top, but I can buy bigger ones to go up to a queen size quilt. Setting it up took a while (about an hour) but I was done with the quilting in about 30 minutes. AND - no more running over safety pins (which I am extremely good at - the last time Todd had to take the needle holder off my Bernina to get the safety pin out).

And I baked more bread (the recipe can be found here). I still like my original bread recipe, but this was quick, easy and it only made 1 loaf (my normal recipe from Angie makes 2 loaves, which while we don't have a problem eating, we have to push on through to consume 2 loaves before they go bad):

Cleaned and painted the stove pipe so we can start having fires in the woodburner at night (ignore the rust - it's now a nice, flat black!):

And painted Jessie's headboard and footboard for her bed. It's only been sitting in the basement for the last 2 years waiting for me to get to it (I painted it with primer today - it will be painted white tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on the weather):

She has a soft-sided waterbed that did not come with a headboard and footboard, but the frame sticks out at the end just enough you easily bang your shins on it. So I found this in my in-laws barn and Todd says he can just bolt it to the current bed frame. We'll see how that works.

Oh and we cleaned up the garden and the chicken coop, and vaccinated all the calves this morning.

And in more exciting news, we went to the surgeons on Thursday - in 2 weeks she gets a short arm waterproof cast (so she can wash it and take a shower) and then 2 weeks after that she should be done with the cast. He said she could start gym and soccer, but we didn't let her do soccer on Saturday. It was the last game, she hasn't been to a practice in 4 weeks - so....she's anxiously awaiting the spring soccer league!



Pecos Blue said...

That is great that you can quilt your one. Very nice.

Renee said...

hi kris, this is renee. i noticed a comment you made on country mouse in the city's blog about being in ashland this morning and how cold it was. what a coincidence, i live here. and you are so right about it being cold this morning. we had a heavy frost. i just wanted to introduce myself and say hey. you have a nice blog here and i'll stop back. have a good night.

jacquie said...

wow..a frame..and no pin basting. i would love not to do that. i hate being on my hands and knees. congratulations!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a busy and productive weekend you had - plus you worked too!! I wish I had your stamina. Love the new quilting frame - I hate pin basting too.

trendy georgia said...

OOh I NEED one of those quilt frames. Perhaps next birthday.....
Happy quilting from hot and breezy nz.
Love Cherry

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Please send me some of your energy.lolYou sure got alot done!
You will quilt now:o)

Patty said...

Could you tell us more about your quilt frame. Was it expensive?

Alice Grace said...

Wow! Your weekend was full of projects! And I love the quilting frame! How neat! I will go check out your bread recipe. I love good homemade bread, especially in this cooler weather!

Val said...

I have really enjoyed my visit with you, and I will be back.

Val said...

I have really enjoyed my visit with you, and I will be back.

Gina said...

Wow you had a busy, and productive weekend. I like the frame.
That's great news for Jess. Just tell her to be more careful. LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Anonymous said...

I understand "pushing on through" to eat bread. I seem to always have room when it comes out hot! Looks great!