Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 WISP Challenge

I did it. I joined this challenge:

And boy, do I have a BUNCH of uncompleted projects. I've spent 2 days cleaning out my sewing/computer room and trying to get organized. Still not finished can sort of see the spare double bed that is in here. Amazing the crap I've accumulated and not all of it is fabric.


Anonymous said...

We've spent since Thanksgiving throwing out junk. It's craziness!I am a pack rat...or rather I used to be. Since we moved here from TN 3 years ago, we have done a "hoe out" every 6 months. Isn't it crazy?! We're not even crazy consumers like some, but we still accumulate stuff. Anyhow, good luck with the challenge and completing your quilts!

Niki said...

Good luck with the can do it!!!
And Happy New Year! Blessings to your family,

isolada. by design said...

Ok, you're like one of the most ambitious and productive people I have met here in blogland. I can't imagine how much you'll finish now that you've joined this challenge. Good luck!!! And most of all, have fun! Know you've a support team out here cheering you on! Smiles across the way...Ana

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

The last time I organized my sewing area I found a pile of fabric I had forgotten I even had. Its true that we tend to collect stuff...aka, crap. Good luck with your organizing!

Julie said...

you go girl!

Judy T said...

Hmm, maybe I need to join this challenge- but that would mean that I actually have to finish something. I started cleaning out my 'sewing room' that has been taken over by toys and musical instruments. I have 6 UFO quilts- several finished tops and one that just needs the binding. That's not counting my cross stich projects. I'm hoping that once I reclaim my sewing table I can start to finish a few things.
Keep up the good work.

Kristie said...

I joined it too!!! Hopefully this will encourage me to get alot of mine done!!! :)

Unknown said...

Well Done.
I have a couple of crocheted blanket sat in plastic bags unfinished - but not too bad .... but I have decided I NEED to use up stash !!
Well DOne on tidying up - I am waiting to move to a bigger house so I can have a craft room !