Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

After 2 weeks off, I never thought I would say this, but I was so ready to get back to work. But I think I need to get back to a routine.

The weekend was busy. Between cleaning the house, cleaning pens and stalls out, and working with Jessie's calves, I didn't have a whole lot of time to sew like I had wanted.

Jessie's calf (the red one in the picture) is doing better. Todd can lead him around. Yesterday she so badly wanted to start walking the calves - but it was too rainy and icy for us to want her out there walking them (we are trying to avoid any more broken bones). So she contented herself with bedding them up good and feeding them. (sorry for the bad picture - taken with my cell phone).

And I finished going through my sewing/computer room. I figured since I joined a challenge, I might as well get organized to figure out what I had that needed completing. To be honest, I think I was in denial saying to myself, oh, I don't have that much that isn't done. Wrong.

The List:
  • 3 full size quilts to finish for my Mom (all are about 1/2 done - her Christmas present, Trail to Kansas and a picnic quilt - 2 of them just need quilting finished up)
  • 3 bed size quilts for me (tops are mostly done- 2 are king sized - one I need to quilt it by hand);
  • 5 lap quilts (tops are done);
  • 9 table runners in various stages
  • 4 baby quilts; and
  • 3 quilts that were block of the month and I have the blocks done, but don't have them into quilt tops

So I guess I am not as organized as I would like to be. At this rate, I would have to finish a little more than 2 a month to have them all done by December. I may not be that motivated....

See ya,



jacquie said...

that's quite a list! i'm trying hard not to start something new...i have too many things from last year to finish up. we shall see how long that lasts.

isolada. by design said...

I'd say with all you have to do between work, family, home and farm, you do exceedingly well in completing so many sewing and quilting projects. And that you have a list, have identified what is in the works, is a darn good beginning to successfully meeting the challenge. Each project done is a huge accomplishment, and those that may not be by a certain date, will be. It's ALL good!

I had really quiet holidays, but getting each of us back to the routine is nice!

Have a good Monday!

Ana :)

Unknown said...

Mental note I would love a picnic quilt for summer this year - great idea ! Thank-you !


Philigry said...

i can't wait to see all the quilts!

Renee said...

you can do it kris. i need to organize my messy space again too and i know i have all kinds of unfinished business over there. lol. i think that is why i keep putting it off. besides the work of cleaning it, the results of cleaning means work. lol. oh, and i know what you mean about routine. i am so glad to be back to normal at work. i worked everyday but no one else did so it meant no customers for me to wait on. boring. lol. take care.

audreypawdrey said...

I am impressed with your list! You are already half finished with most of them, too. Maybe it will help to think they are already half way done? I need to make a list with my ufos, too... Happy Monday!

Jessica said...

I felt the same way about returning for work--I just crave the routine!

Gill - That British Woman said...

wow that is a lot of you have a special quilting machine, as those king size quilts must be hard to machine quilt, or do you quilt by hand?

I am going shopping for material tomorrow (Tuesday), am so looking forward to it!!!

Gill in Canada

Julie said...

hi kris,
don't worry too much about all your UFO's. you will get there in the end. close your eyes, pull one out and make it be the one you concentrate on until it's finished.
hope all your animals are coping well in the cold weather.

Granny Lyn said...

I did the same thing for all my WISP. but yours is more impressive!! I can't wait to see the hand quilted king size!! do you have any pointers for a novice over here, trying to hand quilt her first?