Friday, January 30, 2009

Does this look Blonde????????

Because Todd sure is wondering if I am not blonde!!!

My kind and generous boss let me off work at noon today - because the kids are home from school so I can go home to be with them. I'dve been better off to stay at work til 2:00. A friend of ours called and said "hey, want to meet us at the movie theater in Wooster at 2:25?" I thought yes, I'll run home real quick, get the gift cards the kids got to the movie theater, go get the kids and we'll take in a matinee.


I got 50 feet in the drive and got stuck. Big time stuck.

So I call Todd - he's about an hour away for work. He calls a friend of his while I try all of our neighbors that could possibly have a tractor or a truck to pull me out. A friend is driving truck and will be home in an hour, our neighbors tractor died this morning, the other neighbor will come and pull me out when he gets done working on a car for someone.

And I sit.

A nice (read sarcasm here) county worker in a big snow plow truck stopped and asked me gee, you sure are stuck! No S*#^ sherlock - put that big truck to use and pull me out please! But then he climbed back in that nice big snowplow truck and drove off.

I walk up to the house for a shovel, and start digging from underneath the truck. There is clear drive in front of the Durango and behind the durango - but I managed to straddle a ginormous drift.

I sit, call another neighbor - he's not home. Call a friend of ours - he's in Columbus.

FINALLY, 2 hours later the neighbor shows up - with what must be one of the first pickups ever made. 2 wheel drive, about the size of a Ranger. No such luck getting me out. In fact, he got stuck in our drive and we had to dig him out.

FINALLY, the calvary arrived. 2 good yanks and I was out and free to go get the kids. And get a few things at the store so I don't have to do any driving tomorrow.

I so badly wanted to take a picture of the various people who tried to get me out - but I'm sure they would not understand the whole concept of I need the pictures for my blog. And since I had to drive the Durango while they pulled.....that wouldn't have worked well. Now would it???


Patty said...

What a day!

Unknown said...

Oh dear ! That is terrible - and the first chap in the snowmobile that just drove of is a ... dwezzlebob .... sorry you missed the movie though !


Scrappy quilter said...

Awe I'm so sorry you got stuck. What a day!! Sorry you missed the movie too.

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe I'm so sorry you got stuck. What a day!! Sorry you missed the movie too.

Renee said...

wow, you poor dear. i hope you're all safe and sound and unstuck for the night. i wouldn't go out tomorrow either if i were you. too bad you all missed the show. take care.

Sherri said...

I can totally relate to you wanting to take pictures of the various people in your story...but I'm afraid most wouldn't understand! Hope the rest of the day goes better!

Winifred said...

Good grief that's awful. If you'd had a video camera with you could have vidoed the whole thing and sent it to one of those programmes that pay you. Could have called it The Rescuers and shamed the bloke in the snow plough.

Janice said...

I hope you can laugh about this now because I would be laughing with you. You have a long drive way too it looks like. I got stuck in ours on the way to church two weeks ago. At least you were pro-active and tried to dig yourself out. I probably would've just sat there and waited for help.
Have a good weekend.

Julie said...

oh that's just too funny! LOLOLOL sorry kris, can't help it!

Judy T said...

Glad you got unstuck. We have been having trouble getting in and out of our drive as well. Unfortunately we live on an alley that is rarely, if ever, plowed so there are now icy ruts that have been driven into it. It you can get lined up just right you can move, if not, you are stuck straddling the icy lumps. At least it's not as bad as last year when we had to take a sledge hammer and splitting maul to the ice to bread it up so we could turn into our drive. At least not yet....

Small House said...

I've awarded you the "Kreative Blogger" award. For rules and to pick up the award, please visit me if interested.

Have a great day, and stay indoors.

Kristie said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh!!! That is completely something that I would do! :)

warren said...

I had one of those "No S*#^ sherlock" moments a few years ago in PA where I grew up...truck saw me way in a ditch...stopped to say hi but not pull us out! Argh!