Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photo Challenge & Award

Challenge: 4th picture folder, 4th picture.

Tyler, Austin and Morgan (l to r) playing their version of softball!

Oh - at least this is a cute one. I have some really, really horrible pictures on my computer. Guess this will teach me to clean out my photos.

This was in the summer of 2007 - at the fire department summer picnic. Lots of good food, good friends and good fun. After eating, we played softball, the kids played in the creek that runs through the park, and the firefighters had a water barrell fight.

Hotter than heck, but oh so much fun!

And now I pick Gill, Warren, Angie, and whoever else wants to play along.

And I received this from LuAnn:

Thank you!! And I pick for this one anyone who follows, reads or has commented on this little old space.

Thanks LuAnn!

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