Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow....and DUH!

We aren't snowed in yet, but I sure ain't going anywhere else!

Last night, Jessie broke the nose pad off of her glasses. Her old glasses the prescription is so far off - she can't wear them. And the metal on her glasses was scratching her nose. I thought about super gluing the nose pad on, but figure the optomotrist wouldn't like that. And as much as these glasses cost us, I don't want to be buying new ones anytime soon.

So this morning, we drove the 14 miles to Wooster just to get her glasses fixed. But, it worked out, we got her glasses fixed, a quick stop in the grocery store for peanut butter, dish soap and bbq sauce, and we were on our way home. The roads weren't to bad going in - but it was reasonably early (9:00 ish) and I was the only one on the road. And they hadn't been plowed yet.

On the way home - I'm behind a semi driving right down the center of the road at ....15 mph. I don't think the roads were that bad but......

The snow is pretty - especially since I'm inside looking at it!!!

So this afternoon I thought I'd work on 1 of my finishes for January. I have everything planned out what I want to finish each month, I have new stuff I want to start but I'm not letting myself start anything new. But I don't have enough of anything that I need to finish any project. I made this quilt top the other day:

But am totally out of batting so I could get it quilted. This is for a baby gift for a shower coming up here in a couple weeks.

I have this felted wool table runner to finish - but don't have the ecru DMC floss to do it:

I have this table runner to put more stars on, but am out of gold wool.

I could clean, but that's not very fun on a snowy day. So I guess I will go and try to start on one of next month's finishes! And then I talk to my Mom, and she rubs it in that she has 2 of her finishes for the challenge done. UGH.

Todd told me he would take me back to Wooster to go to JoAnn's, but I cannot see wasting the gas to drive there and back, when I have to go there after work on Monday.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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