Friday, January 2, 2009

A Homemade Christmas

Here is the post of Christmas Gifts that were made:

A lumberjack tote for my Dad:

A bag for my Grandmother:

Coasters and mugs for the teachers:

PJ pants for the kids:

Sheet quilts for the kids:

Messenger Bags for both kids:

A jacket and beret for my niece:

Pillows from my Grandfather's bed quilt from when he was a boy (Sara, I do have your's!!):

An apron and potholder for my brother's girlfriend:

And I think that is the majority of the gifts. The pillows were the easiest - they measure 18" square. And I made 10 of them total. I don't have pictures of the sheet quilt I made for my Mom (still in progress) and the fleece vest I made for my niece, Avery.

And I am starting in January for the 2009 Christmas gifts!



Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Great gifts! I too start in Jan. for Christmas , and when the season arrives its R&R and enjoy the true meaning!
Happy sewing!

em's scrapbag said...

What great gifts! You have been very busy and I'm sure everyone felt loved to receive of your time, love and talent.

Julie said...

hi there,
i just came across your blog and i think it's fantastic! i'm now a follower.
happy new year!

Unknown said...

Congratulations - great gifts no wonder you were up late on Christmas Eve ! Well done.


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I hear you on starting early!! I'm trying to have a handmade year this year...all gifts handmade, so that means I have to start this month, too.

All your gifts look great! I love those pillows!

trendy georgia said...

Wow is all I can say!!I thought I was clever with a few aprons, a couple of potholders and tissue purses for the teachers...But youve left me in the dust!!! Still its very inspiring. I love the grandmothers bag!
Love Crafty cherry

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Well done! Love the pillows from the old quilt...great way to divvy it up..especially if is was getting tired. Sheet quilts?-are they just pieced and backed light ones?
Oops, you may like to call at my blog.....

isolada. by design said...

It's so good you've documented your handmade gifts. What a treasure, past, present & future. Each and every gift is fun, happy and useful! I hadn't seen the lumberjack tote, your grandmother's bag or Tyler's messenger bag. Love ALL the fabrics you picked and you did a fantastic job, of course!

Happy, happy days and here's to an early start on Christmas '09. :)

Peace, Ana

Anonymous said...

OMG! You've made a lot of gifts! Every one of them is so nice and I'm sure they like them so much!!
It's a good idea to start working on Christmas gifts in January! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great gift list. I can't imagine starting already! Wow!

sugarcreekfarm said...

Wow, you were busy! What lucky recipients :)

Anonymous said...

All those items you made look so very nice!
Susan from Wooster OH

Anonymous said...

Amazing, as always. You never cease to amaze me girl!! What lucky family you have to get all the goods. :)

audreypawdrey said...

I am impressed with all of your gifts! They are all beautiful. I may start making my Christmas gifts this month, too. At least that is the thought.:)

Granny Lyn said...

oh, I love all your gifts!! how wonderful!! It sure is a good thing you made Sara a few, too!! She is probably rubbing her hands together in glee!

Anonymous said...

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