Friday, January 2, 2009

A Homemade Christmas

Here is the post of Christmas Gifts that were made:

A lumberjack tote for my Dad:

A bag for my Grandmother:

Coasters and mugs for the teachers:

PJ pants for the kids:

Sheet quilts for the kids:

Messenger Bags for both kids:

A jacket and beret for my niece:

Pillows from my Grandfather's bed quilt from when he was a boy (Sara, I do have your's!!):

An apron and potholder for my brother's girlfriend:

And I think that is the majority of the gifts. The pillows were the easiest - they measure 18" square. And I made 10 of them total. I don't have pictures of the sheet quilt I made for my Mom (still in progress) and the fleece vest I made for my niece, Avery.

And I am starting in January for the 2009 Christmas gifts!

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