Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I cannot believe

I drove to work in this (this was taken headed down 1-71 at 45 mph from West Salem to Ashland):

Really, I cannot believe we had school today. Although it appears to have let up a little, we are supposed to be hit with another 4-6" of the white stuff. We are headed for some frigid temperatures later on this week. High of 5 degrees farenheit for Friday. The chickens are being wuss's and will not go out of the chicken coop. But, who can blame them? I don't want to go out either!

I'm plugging away on my Seeing Stars Quilt A Long Quilt. I've decided to use the brown I have - as Todd pointed out - the intention for this is to be a king sized quilt to fit our bed. No one will notice if the border is a shade or 2 off, especially if I toss a pieced border (or 2) of some sort in there. I have just a little bit more to go, and I just may make it for the top (minus the large border) on the first round of brown that I found in the back of my closet. It will be close.

And, if you want to play Pay It Forward - head on over to my Mom's blog - she signed up when Angie did her round, and got the most beautiful cross stitch pattern. She's doing something knitted for her 3 participants...
Today I go talk to the principal at Jessie's school about tutoring in the dreaded subject....math. Although thanks to a comment left on 1 of the math posts, I found out about a possiblity of online tutoring for her. We'll see what the school says. I got the paper from her teacher about what they are working on this week, she says they are working on more of the same type of problems....Jessie brings home a paper with multiplication on it. Grrr.......
And our dinner out - it was good. Especially since we had a gift card to use that covered our meal but for $2.00 of it and the tip. Not as good as my cooking, but seeing as how we haven't gone out to eat in over a year.....I was glad to not have to cook for once....
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